Changes to COME…Thanks Zeni Software

So I have recently enlisted the services of Zeni Software–an innovative and dynamic software and web design company–in order to restructure my window to the world (which in turn is your window into my soul…hey, that area in the back left, with the lights off is NOT for human viewing…STAY OUT).


Even though I was a computer programmer YEARS (decades) ago, I am not sure how it will all work out and what will stay or go…today’s technology is way different than what I am used to/programmed in.  So I am going to leave all the care and feeding of the beast to Max…the main man at Zeni Software.

TRUST me, this guy is a PROGRAMMING STUD…

This blog will still be around, after all, I love talk/type (even if no one is reading) and I can’t just give it up (it may move).  BUT, what will change is that the rest of the website will be more structured, easier to use and navigate as well as just look 100% better!

I am not sure how long all this will take…first they are waiting for me to provide then with tons of stuff (pictures, data, MONEY) and that may take forever right there.  Secondly, these guys are SUPER busy and in high demand!

So, with that said:

Time to “re-brand” and Zeni Software, I leave it in your hands!

Seriously, if you need quality work accomplished, contact MAX at the link above.


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