And the winners are…

So I think there was a bit of confusion because I advertised on Facebook and a few other sites and had likes to this blog…so I had people leave comments in multiple places, as well as message me directly…which I had to herd all together.  The cool thing is, I got more “followers” on the blog than comments, GREAT!  I will TRY my best to get the codes out to the winners tonight (11 June) but if not, they will be to you tomorrow (12 June).  OH, I couldn’t find the hat I wanted to use so I just used my work hat…so I can’t send that one.  Sorry.

So here are the winners for this contest:

  1. J. Cole (USA)
  2. C. Christensen (USA)
  3. B. Reade (UK)
  4. M. Hodge (USA)
  5. M. Lambert (UK)

CONGRATS!  I hope you enjoy the listen and would REALLY appreciate a review/rating on Amazon and/or Audible when you finish it (unless you hate it, then just forget I ever gave it to you, OKAY?)

Now I am off to do the hard part…send emails, hahahaha




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