Planned Adult Thriller

My first ever attempt at an adult thriller is slowly taking form. The book went out to beta readers at the beginning of 2022 and after listening to their inputs and a long, unrelenting stare down with the manuscript, I decided to make some BIG changes. These changes are not directly to the story but in how the story is told.  So…to provide you with the best reading experience I can offer, I am pushing off the release for a few more months.

Additionally, an author with the same LAST NAME as me just released a book with the same title I planned to use for this book…so I am looking at new possible titles. UGH!

Stay tuned for release of the new title and the cover in the (hopefully) near future.


OK…here’s the deal. I would like to give you stuff (mainly what’s listed above). But the stuff above was all written by me. I ask for nothing in return other than you read/listen and hopefully enjoy them. If you’d like to leave a review/rating, please feel free on Amazon, Audible, Goodreads, Librarything, etc, etc.

James Lake – The Big Foot File
(ebooks, digital audiobooks, possibly some physical audiobooks, possibly some paperbacks)

James Lake – Sneypa (The Big Foot File Part 2)
(ebooks, digital audiobooks, possibly some physical audiobooks, some paperbacks)

How do you get these great stories you ask…well, I’m glad you did…cause I and only I, can tell you!


NOTE: Digital products will require an email address connected with your Amazon or Audible account. Physical products will require a physical mailing address…USA, Canada, APO/FPO (military) and Korea mailing addresses/locations only for right now, SORRY!