Vintage Pug Press, LLC + Blackstone Audio = AMAZING


On 25 July 2019, Vintage Pug Press, LLC signed a 10-year agreement with Blackstone Audio a leading company in the audiobook world. The agreement starts with James Lake The Big Foot File and will continue with James Lake Sneypa…it will then continue with further books from Vintage Pug Press, LLC from various authors/series. Blackstone will promote and distribute VPP, LLC books in the following audio formats – CD, MP3 CD, cassette, digital.

The agreement starts with the digital format to be followed by physical media 90-days after the initial release.

VPP, LLC continues to push forward to improve the product we bring to you…



Vintage Pug Press Compilation Book Contest!

We previously promised a contest to be part of a compilation book published by VPP, LLC. Well, here it is…

Write a story of any genre (sci-fi, horror, fantasy, romance, etc) with one of the “seven deadly sins” as the theme.

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the seven deadly sins are: ” (1) vainglory, or pride, (2) greed, or covetousness, (3) lust, or inordinate or illicit sexual desire, (4) envy, (5) gluttony, which is usually understood to include drunkenness, (6) wrath, or anger, and (7) sloth.”

These stories will target ADULTS (18+ yrs old audience), must be at least 2,500 words but no longer than 7,500 words (approx 10 – 30 pages) and must have one of the seven deadly sins (listed above) as the underlying theme.

– Originality
– Adherence to theme
– Quality of writing/editing

– Submissions will include author’s name, age and email address.
– 100% original works ONLY…plagiarism will not be tolerated.
– All submissions will be in Microsoft word format.
– Authors retain all rights to the work but agree to allow VPP, LLC to include their name and story in the compilation work indefinitely. Author may republish the work or submit it to another company for publication after one (1) year of this compilation’s publication however, VPP will be allowed to continue publication in this compilation book format only.
– Prizes (if any) will be determined at a later date.
– Royalties from sales will not be paid to authors for this work. All profits from this publication will be donated to a charity benefiting Alzheimer’s research (actual charity to be determined).

– Email “” to officially enter.
– You can ask us for a “sin assignment” or pick one for yourself.
– The best submission for each sin will be featured in the book.
– Submit your completed work no later than 30 October 2019…please edit your work (professional editing not required) as this will be part of the selection process.
– VPP will review and select a submission for each sin.
– VPP will work with each author to do “polishing” of the work (not full scale editing).
– Selections and non-selections will be notified of status via email.
– Selected authors may provide a short biography and a photo to be used in the publication.
– Authors under the age of 18 must provided a signed letter from parent/guardian (scanned and emailed to VPP) allowing them to participate.
– All seven sins must have qualifying submissions for publication to occur
– One submission per author
– One SIN per submission (no stories covering multiple/all sins please)

Time frame for publication of the compilation book will be: Jan/Feb 2020 and will be in both ebook and paperback formats. Depending on the volume of interest (sales), it may also be an audiobook in the future.

VPP reserves the right to cancel this contest at any time and for any reason. VPP will not supply authors of non-selected woks with critiques or reason(s) for non-selection. All selections are at the discretion of VPP and may not be disputed/appealed/protested in any way or manner. Author’s of selected works will be required to sign a contract agreeing to the terms listed and perhaps a few more in order to protect the author and VPP. Any or all of this may change prior to closure of the contest (30 October 2019).


Happy 2019!

I am taking a short break from writing James Lake – Sneypa to bring you this public service announcement.  For 2019 we, Vintage Pug Press, LLC, will continue to try to weasel ourselves deeper and deeper into the book world.

I am going to reach out to Mr. John Barrowman and see what his going rate would be to do an audiobook for us…it would be nice to get a reply.  Last time we did this Mr. Neil Gaiman completely ignored us.  I’ll try to bribe Mr. Barrowman with a FREE DOWNLOAD of James Lake – The Big Foot File from UK audible.  How could he resist?  Imagine if he said YES…then I’d have to write a book for him to narrate. (If you’re reading this Mr. Barrowman…LOVE you—-you are FAB-U-LOUS)

A compilation book is in the planning and I will be soliciting inputs from writers.  The topic has pretty much been selected but I won’t discuss it here/now.  But I will say that the book will consist of 7 short stories is the topic doesn’t get changed or modified.  I’m going to try to have prizes from the selected writers but we’ll see how that progresses.

We also plan to publish 2 books this year in addition to James Lake -Sneypa for a total of 3! YEAH!  Maybe more?  Who knows! (but I doubt it).

ALSO, Don’t forget that Book #2 (Sneypa) will have the audiobook released around May/June 2019 with Mr. Greg Patmore returning to do his magic once again!  I want to say here that I have ZERO REGRETS with selecting Greg!  He is a true professional that really hit the mark for me.  I had some favorite characters in book #1 while writing it but after listening to the audiobook, my favs changed!  I think Edward’s essence was truly captured and Greg’s performance made Edward my new favorite character!

We will also be looking to revamp this blog and have a REAL website up and running.

PLUS, VPP, LLC will be moving somewhere out of Colorado before May 2019.  Oh the business paperwork headache this is going to cause!



I know there has been lots of silence and dead air here in the blog lately but that will change.  There are many moving parts going on in my life right now that keep drawing me away…soon, after around March 2019, you will have my undivided attention.  Additionally, James Lake – Sneypa (book #2 of the series) was originally supposed to be released late 2018 but due to the same issues, it has been pushed back until Feb/Mar of 2019.  The good news on this is that the audiobook should follow shortly thereafter!  AND YES, we plan to have Mr. Greg Patmore once again spin us a masterpiece of sound delight.

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